Does Entertainment News Distract You from the Stress of This Year’s Political Season?

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Perhaps now more than ever, Americans all across the country are looking to the welcome distraction of entertainment news. After a long year of political news that was neither positive or hopeful, many Americans wish that they could turn on their televisions or read articles online that are not filled with the mudslinging accusations that filled the channels leading up to the November 8 Presidential election. Viewers and readers may be even more weary of the political news now that the election result has been announced and as many as 50% of Americans are dreading, and some fearing, the ramifications of the results.
Entertainment news, sports, feel good stories, and regional stories about families banding together during the holidays are, in fact, a welcome relief from the news of the latest appointments and the reactions to those appointments.
In a time when the nation seems to be more divided than ever, it is not wise to completely bury your head in the sand, but it is not necessarily healthy to watch the political pundits all day every day.
When You Need a Break from the Latest Political News, What Do You Like to Hear Instead?
In a time when we have access to online stories every second of every day and when we have a nearly unlimited number of television channels with 24 hour access, the temptation to focus on the bad news of the day can be pretty strong. If, however, you are like many Americans who are looking for a way to make positive impact on the lives of neighbors and families, even if they disagree with you on politics, seeking out other kinds of stories is a good start. What kind of news do you choose most often when you are trying to avoid the bad news of the political world for a few hours?
Entertainment news. The latest entertainment news can also be full of stress about divorce and child custody battles, but if you know where to look you can find the feel good stories that you desire. For instance, Will Smith, one of the film industry’s most highly paid actors, has been able to help promote a lot of good from the profits of his films that individually gross over $100 million a piece. The fact that Smith and other popular musicians and actors find ways to use their profits for the greater good.
In a time when the racial tensions of the nation are especially contentious it is refreshing to search out the current news from the black entertainment news sources. As the holidays approach, the latest hollywood news often tracks the news around such popular stars like Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, and Sidney Poitier. Washington, who has won two Oscars, is one of the few black actors to have won an academy award, and became the second in history after Poitier won his in 1963. Talk show hosts like Winfrey often highlight these positive stories and how these actors are attempting to use their celebrity status for the good of others.
Sports. Tracking the progress and interactions that famous athletes have with their fans is also a great distraction. During the holidays, for instance, many of the top football and baseball athletes, as well as the most recent Olympians, use their star power to hold fundraising events for the many Americans who find themselves struggling. Athletes who visit childrens or veterans hospitals make for positive stories that can serve as an excellent emotional boost.
This is also the time of year when the pre-game focus or halftime shows attempt to feature the stories of service men and women reuniting with their spouses and children in time for the holidays.
Feel good regional stories. One of the latest stories, with an accompanying video, that is making its way around the internet this weekend is the touching story of a grandmother who accidentally texted the wrong person with a Thanksgiving meal update. The recipient of the text simply and innocently indicated that Grandma had texted the wrong grandson, but he was wondering if the delicious offer was still good. As a result, the mistaken text has lead to two families making some grand plans to meet and dine together.

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