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There is not much in the world that can so effectively capture the attention of millions of people like a celebrity can. There are many things in this world that are certainly worthy of capturing many people’s attention at once. Corrupt politicians, environmental decline, poverty, and natural disasters that leave tragedy and ruin in their wake. So why should we care about celebrity urban news?

How urban news can help
All of these issues, and more, deserve our attention, and many would condemn the tendencies of societies to focus on the latest celebrity news instead. While there must be a balance of attention paid, it is not so surprising that people choose to focus on what’s happening today in entertainment. We’re constantly bombarded with these pressing, persistent, serious issues. Sometimes it helps to focus on something lighter. Urban news, Hollywood news, even gossip sites sometimes help to alleviate the pressure of the severity of our world. Sometimes we just need to take in something beautiful, and often times, celebrities are the ones who provide that for us. Tuning in to celebrity urban news can be the breath of fresh air we need in the midst of a stifling societal crisis.

Role models and heroes to look up to
There should naturally be a balance of the news that we pay attention to. If you are completely focused on the entertainment industry and not at all involved in real world issues, it may be time to reassess. But appreciating the hardworking men and women in the entertainment world and the relief that they provide from what can often be quite bleak is not a bad thing. From sports figures to recording artists and everything in between, giving young people in particular someone to look up to can be a very important role. This is why it is crucial for those in the spotlight to make the most of their status, and put a positive message out there for all of the eyes and ears on them. And it is often younger crowds who are paying attention to those in entertainment, as about 27% of 18 to 36 year olds tend to support causes because of celebrity exposure or endorsement, while only about 10% of those 68 years old and older will support a cause because of the actions of a celebrity.

But the fact remains that those in that spotlight have a voice and a platform that many others do not have access to, and using those valuable assets to make a profound impact on the world makes them all the more worthy of being so admired.

Positive figures using their spotlight well
About 44% of adults believe in the power of celebrities to make a positive difference on the world around them by promoting certain issues. Whether it is a large difference, as about 11% of those adults believe, or at least some difference, as the remaining 33% believe, this belief gives those celebrities power. Combining that with the access to the public, as well as the money and influence they often possess or have access to, there are quite a few celebrities who have significant potential to do big things.

Identifying some of the major fields and players
These positive power players can come in just about any form, in any branch of the industry. Consider a few of these well known names and faces:

    Famous faces in every category

  • Movies
    Denzel Washington is a successful actor who has won two Oscars, and became the second black actor in history to receive an academy award, following Sidney Poitier’s award back in 1963.
  • Fashion
    Tyra Banks is no stranger to fashion. She was the first woman of color to be featured on several magazine covers, from GQ to Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Television
    Oprah Winfrey paved the way for many other television hosts with the success of her 25-season show that made its way to 120 different channels to find an audience of 10 million people.
  • Music
    Beyonce has been an unstoppable force from the start, and is now one of the most successful female musical talents on the globe, with a net worth of $450 million.

Celebrities entertain, but they can also bring the right issues to light.

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