Are There Any Shoes Left? Rihanna’s Puma Creepers Sell Out in Hours

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It’s just not current celebrity news if there aren’t shoes involved.

Pop goddess Rihanna and her line of Puma Fenty Creepers are the latest celebrity shoe brand sending consumers into a tizzy. After only recently announcing three new color designs earlier this month, the $140 sneakers — sorry, creepers — arrived in select Puma stores around the country on May 26.

Rumor has it, they’re all sold out now.

When someone with a big name (and a big style) like Rihanna gets behind a brand, studies show that the company’s sales can increase by $10 million per year and get stocks an extra 0.25% return. In the grand scheme of things, Rihanna’s probably done more than that for Puma just in this past week already.

These newest hot-ticket kicks come in white, black, and green/red with satin laces in both women’s and men’s designs. Or, that is to say, they “came.” The shoes sold out online in under 30 minutes and most stores seem to be wiped clean. They’re marketed as “limited edition,” so it’s not likely they’re going to be re-stocked any time soon.

This roll-out marked the third installment of Creepers, all the previous iterations of which flew off the shelves in a similar manner. Says Vanity Fair, they’ve “transcended the standard celebrity fashion endorsement” to become an actual fashion must-have.

Cara Delevigne’s wearing them. So is the Weeknd, along with Bella and Gigi Hadid.

So is this just current celebrity news or is it a sign o’ the times? We all remember the ubiquity of Michael Jordan’s Nikes. In fact, we don’t have to think back all that far — new limited edition Air Jordans, the “Air Jordan 12 Flu Game” (referring to an NBA playoff game Jordan played while battling influenza) are dropping in stores this weekend.

Rihanna may be the pop world’s foremost fashion figure of the moment. She’s utterly unpredictable — from barely-there gowns to green tutus — but her style is always, always on point.

For now, if it’s celebrity gossip you want, head to the shoe department. Not for the catty customers — for the kicks themselves.

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