Tents are for More Than Just Camping Booking Tents for Your Big Day

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Hosting a wedding is stressful enough, but trying to plan it outdoors? Now that’s a challenge. Hosting an outdoor event, especially a wedding, always holds a bounty of charm and elegance, unless you get beat out by the weather, that is. But no matter the weather or time of year, a tent could be the solution for you!

Why tents?

When you hear the word tent, you may be thinking of camping, but in truth, tented events have the potential to be elegant and otherworldly like no camping adventure has ever been. Not only that, but it can safeguard your reception from most types of weather. Since most weddings are planned for June and October, you’ll most likely be planning around rain.

Do I have to buy a tent?

If you’re looking solely at wedding tents, it may be in your best interests to rent. However, if you plan multiple outdoor events every year, then buying a tent is probably the best option for you. Whatever the occasion, renting a tent can most often be less expensive, but the investment of buying an outdoor event tent may be well worth the money spent.

What size tent should I be looking at?

The size of your tent can only be determined after you know how many guests will be at your event. Once you have that number figured out, you can get set on determining the number of square feet needed. At minimum, you’ll need approximately 15 square feet per table, six square feet for each guest in the cocktail area, and an additional two or three square feet per guest on the dance floor.

How can I personalize my tent?

Personalizing wedding tents is simple, as well as a great way to put your own touch on the event. To create a whimsical look, draping sheer fabric and string lights from the ceiling is a great look. In addition, your floral arrangements and seating will put an original touch on the otherwise plain, white tent.

While tents are great for camping, they can be used for so much more! Could your next outdoor event be spiced up by outdoor tents?

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