Who’s Playing at Light Las Vegas Events in 2016? Disclosure, Laidback Luke, J Cole

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Because of the mainstream success of EDM, dance music is now the fourth most popular genre in the United States. Partly because of the number of massively successful DJs going on tour (David Guetta, Avicii, Steve Aoki, etc.), the touring industry broke both gross tickets and revenue records in 2015. Last year in North America the Top 100 tours alone brought in $3.12 billion and 42.08 million tickets.
Of course, there’s a reason some EDM fans turn up their noses at big names like Calvin Harris and Tiesto. After all, if dating Taylor Swift isn’t selling out, then what is?
So it’s no wonder more and more EDM fans are instead buying Las Vegas club tickets to see their favorite DJs. And while Wynn nightclubs like XS and Encore Beach Club Las Vegas might get more press at the moment, EDM fans in the know are checking out other clubs like the Light nightclub.
When they go to Las Vegas, most people want to catch a show, lose some money in a casino, and hit up a club. Light nightclub let’s you do all three at once, because this unique club space is co-produced by Cirque du Soleil. That means Light Las Vegas events don’t just include some stellar DJ acts, but also includes some truly cutting edge visual effects and atmospheric lighting.
And unlike most of the other nightclubs in Sin City, Light Las Vegas doesn’t only cater to the EDM crowd. In Spring 2016, Light Las Vegas events also include pop stars like Selena Gomez and J. Cole, playing on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, respectively. So if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some celebs in the VIP section, then Light Las Vegas is the place to go.
Who else will be appearing at the Mandalay’s venue in 2016? The lineup is only partially set through June 2016, but you can still see DJ sets from talents like DJ Five, Eric DLux, Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard, Bass Jackers, E-Rock, Disclosure, the Stafford Brothers, and others.
If you want our recommendation for the best club Light Las Vegas events in 2016, then you’ll want to mark off the following dates on your calendar.
First, check out Laidback Luke on Friday, May 20. Then, Disclosure is playing a DJ set at the Wild Life party on Saturday, May 28. You can also check out Laidback Luke and Morgan Page from June 15-18. Astute EDM fans will already know that’s the weekend of this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, so if you want to get into Light Las Vegas events you’ll want to find a ticket agency to get you past the velvet rope before the shows sell out for good.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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