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It may only be the end of November, but high school Post Prom committees across the nation have already been meeting for months. In fact, even though prom season does not really star until April and May, Post Prom committees often work year round making plans, creating decorations, designing spaces, and collecting donations.
From marketing chair that need to to oversee publicity, social media, and fundraising nights to donor chairs that need to oversee donations coordinators, prize coordinators, and raffle and gift card coordinators, many of these committees have their written plans down to the most minute detail. And while the roles are often specifically defined, the details that changes from year to year are the fun party themes. Sometimes announced to the students and sometimes kept a secret the fun party themes can run from television show titles to the names of big cities and literary titles.
Party planning checklists for small birthday parties held at home also make use of fun party themes, but these themes take on an even bigger impact at a Post Prom event that serves hundreds of students. And while some fun party ideas work well for children and high schoolers, other themes are fun party ideas for adults. Consider this A to Z list if you are trying to brainstorm an upcoming event:

  • Abracadabra is one of the fun party themes that can include a variety of magic tricks and props.
  • Beach blanket bingo is one of the fundraising ideas that would work well for families who are trying to raise money for a select soccer group or other team.
  • Candyland fans will love the opportunity to visit carnival booths at a school carnival that is raising money for playground updates.
  • Do-it-yourself craft tables are popular themes for holiday gatherings at church.
  • Everyone loves the chance to revisit their favorite childhood movie through the theme for an event. Cinderella, Power Ranges, and Teletubbies are just a few examples.
  • Frozen is a Disney movie that is still wildly popular several years after it was released.
  • Great Gatsby is a popular book taught in high school English curriculum and can also serve as a over the top Prom theme.
  • Holidays can be a another popular theme for Post Prom events that need several stations.
  • Ice cream themed events.
  • Just pick a color scheme and use it to dictate the party planning.
  • Kites are a colorful theme that provide great decorations.
  • Little Mermaid.
  • Mulan and other Disney princess parties.
  • Never ignore the likes of the person you are celebrating. If your young daughter LOVES poodles make that a part of the plan.
  • Old records can provide several theme ideas.
  • Peter pan parties are popular themes for families that are planning an event for a young child.
  • Queen Elizabeth inspired tea parties can provide the perfect setting for Red Hat Parties and other groups of women who are planning a celebration.
  • Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Thieves.
  • Superman parties are always a classic theme.
  • Tennis and other sports themes.
  • Ukuleles can be added to tables for a bright and colorful Hawaiian themed event.
  • Volcanoes and other natural phenomenons make for a unique party theme approach.
  • Wonder Woman is a powerful theme that many girls love.
  • Xanadu, a place of great pleasure and contentment that can serve as a fun theme for a after prom event.
  • Yellow smiley faces and other emojis have emerged as a popular theme for unique fundraising ideas.
  • Zoo animals are a fun way to decorate parties for young children celebrating their birthdays.

Planning an after Prom party often includes the standby Casino night party ideas. The popularity of a place like Las Vegas, which is visited by more than 36.7 million people every year, drives many of the activities at these events and with more than 1,500 casinos to copy these areas are easy to assemble. The use, a secondary theme, however, for the rest of the space often follows an overriding theme that can dictate decorating ideas.
As the holidays approach many families are planning parties and celebrations. Office Christmas parties are working their way into the busy schedules of employees and managers. If you are in charge of planning any of these events, make sure that you explore a list of possible theme ideas to make sure it’s memorable!

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