Are You Tired of Spending Hours Editing One Photo?

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It’s that time of year.
Families get themselves dressed in coordinating outfits for holiday card photos. College suitemates and roommates plan hilarious photo ideas to create cards that they can share with their friends and family. Some families even put their pets through the torture of donning sweater vests and hats so that they too can be part of the holiday festivities. And while a few pictures go exactly as planned, many other photos do not. For the photos that do not go as planned, many families joke that they will simply Photoshop out the offending smile or Photoshop in the missing family member. In reality, however, very few amateur photographers have the digital photo editing skills to repair many of their problems. In fact, without the help of professional Photoshop services, many photo editing attempts only manage to make things worse.
Professional Photoshop services that integrate with Photoshop Bridge and Lightroom can provide custom workflow integration services. By contracting with these services you shoot the pictures, and they edit the results. Even trained photographers who understand the difference between f/stops and shutters and lens speed and film speed can find themselves wasting hours of time attempting to correct digital images.
Instead of wasting your own time on a skill that you will likely only use once or twice a year, doesn’t it make more sense to outsource your photo editing needs to professional photoshop services? You might be capable of completing the most basic photo cropping, but when it comes to editing involving ghost mannequin effects and color correction services your efforts are better spent hiring professional Photoshop services. In the hands of a digital expert, some of the most complicated tasks turn out beautifully.

  • Cloudy days are some of the best times for taking pictures. If your family photo for the holiday card was taken on the sunniest of days, it might not the expert editing skills of a professional.
  • Aperture numbers are listed as f/stops. Like the pupil of an eye, these numbers adjust to let in more or less light while also controlling the depth of field in a picture. A setting of f/22 can be used in brightly lit situations; f/2 is used in more dimly lit conditions.
  • Necks can be full of shadows on bright sunny days. Photoshop experts can fix this.

  • Your youngest child is crying in every photo but one. In that one photo where their is no crying your husband’s eyes are closed.
  • Oldest children can be a challenge. You did not notice until after the photo shoot that your teenage son had on a shirt with a hole.
  • Under lit areas of a photo can be difficult to compensate for, but an expert knows how to burn in these spots.

  • F/stops and shutter speeds need to be calibrated correctly for the best exposure. Photoshop experts can make the necessary corrections.
  • It takes a careful eye to notice unwanted background objects. Digital editing specialists can remove many eyesores that are not noticed until after the pictures are taken.
  • X-ray vision would not have been could enough to notice that your twins were crossing their eyes in the planned family photo.

  • Taking a person from one photo and inserting him into a family photo should be left to the experts.
  • Having the time to get the picture taken is one thing. Having the time to make the digital corrections is something completely different.
  • ISO settings can help your digital camera adjust to the amount of available light. If your ISO setting was off, ask a professional to make the corrections.
  • Shallow depth of field makes for some beautiful shots. If you did not achieve this effect, however, it can sometimes be digitally achieved.

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words and it might be another 1000 days before you get all of the grandkids together again. Get some professional help retouching that spilled gravy on the youngest cousin’s shirt.
  • He has his finger in his nose!!!
  • One picture is great of mother, another one is great of father. Need some help combining the two?
  • Too many problems in one photo.
  • Only professionals make use of the Photoshop editing skills on a regular basis. This is why it is so important to use the expertise that they have to make your holiday photo one to remember.

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