Who is the Richest Painter Ever?

The art world has expanded further than anyone could ever imagine. To the walls of subway stations to the architecture of the world’s most noteworthy buildings, art surrounds us. Painting is often seen as the most traditional art-making method, with its influence surrounding history itself. Today, there are still artists who make their entire living off of painting. This video details the top 15 richest painters in the world, and many of them will probably surprise you.

Without a doubt, painters have all different inspirations and processes. Artists like Hockney and David Cloe take on a more realistic style, while painters like Gerhard Richter and Brice Marden go for an abstract, colorful aura.

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Some of the most best-selling artwork is of postmodern shapes and very minimalistic compositions, causing some to question what defines a work of art in the first place. John Currin tops out this list, with his modern paintings of Renaissance style. No matter what your definition of good “art” is, there are people that will find artistic value in the complete opposite. Thus, nobody can really predict how much someone will be willing to pay for a painting.


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