The Most Unique Houses in the World

There are plenty of unique houses in the world. However, some of them are incredibly unusual and interesting. You won’t believe the houses you will see in this video. While these house may be a little over the top, you can still have a unique home built just for you by a home building company.

The first unique house on the list is the upside-down house in Trassenheide, Germany. This house is literally upside down.

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It was built for a German resort by Polish architects. The idea behind the house was to give people a unique perspective on an otherwise, normal house.

The next house is the SHouse in Saitama, Japan. This house is made almost entirely out of transparent glass. This means that there is almost no privacy in this house. This was intentional by the architect. It is supposedly supposed to represent the modern internet era where privacy is limited. To make matters worse, this house was built near a busy train station. The house is also difficult to navigate with a complex network of stairways and many levels. These two houses are just a few of many incredibly unusual houses.


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