Criminal Knocks Out Partner With Brick

Criminals are not known for being the brightest bunch. Drugs and desperation are never a good combination for good intelligence. In this video, you will see two bumbling burglars attempt to break into a shop in Shanghai. If they were in the United States, they would need bail bonds and an ice pack after what happens next.

It is February in Shanghai. Security camera footage captures an attempted burglary of a shop.

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Two hooded criminals walk up to the store with bricks in hand. The first criminal throws their brick in an attempt to break the door or window. The next burglar prepares to throw the next brick just as the first burglar steps to the right. This causes the second burglar to accidently hit the first burglar in the head with the brick. The criminal is knocked out and lays motionless on the ground. The second burglar then has to carry his partner back to their vehicle to make an escape. This video has been all over social media where people are making fun of these clumsy criminals. Hopefully they have learned their lesson.


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