When Was the Last Time You Redecorated the Space in Your Office?

Every one of us is effected by our surroundings. This means, of course, that there are some major benefits to making sure that you are living and working in the spaces that are best designed. If, for instance, you are ever wondered what does an art consultant do it is interesting to note that there are many times companies of all size are contracting with professional art consulting services to make certain that they are doing everything within their power to eliminate workplace stress, while at the same time generating the highest levels of productivity.

Just as a morning rain shower can encourage us to relax in bed with a good book for an extra hour or so, there are many other sights and sounds that can inspire you to complete even the longest of lists of work projects.
The Right Kind of Design Plan Boosts Productivity in a Variety of Work Places

As more and more space planners ask what does an art consultant do it should come as no surprise that this is an increasingly popular option for many. Whether you are attempting to create a relaxing atmosphere or stress free workplace or you are working with a team to create the most productive space, it is often in your best interest to make sure that you consult with a professional who can send you in the right direction. Room colors, artwork on the wall, background music, and many other sensory decisions can help you achieve the goal that you are after.

Even adding plants to a space, for instance, you can completely alter how any area functions. For instance, a recent study found that people working in enriched spaces, defined as those spaces that are decorated with art or plants, were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces. So while you may not be able to completely redesign an entire space in the last few weeks of the school year, there are many times when you can incorporate small changes to the spaces where you spend the most time.

If you want to understand the importance of making certain that your energies in working with art consultants will give you results, consider the following: 94% of the respondents indicate that art makes their workplace more welcoming and that 61% agree it also stimulates creativity. Are you ready to make the changes that will make your space more effective.

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