When Celebrity Worship Turns Ugly

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Remember when you had to actually do something important, or demonstrate some level of talent to be famous? Not so true anymore. If you do not believe me, ask yourself this; why is Kim Kardashian famous and worth more money than you or I will probably ever see in our lifetimes?

The majority of Americans (87 percent in fact) believe that celebrity entertainment news receives too much news coverage and attention from the public. Virtually nobody (a measly two percent) believe todays entertainment news is covered too little. Who is to blame for the overabundance of too much celebrity coverage, however, depends on the age of those surveyed. Those aged 30 and younger blame public obsession and preoccupation; those over 30 blame todays entertainment news outlets and organizations.

If the aforementioned statistics demonstrate an accurate and honest representation of public opinion surrounding entertainment news today, then why does todays entertainment media industry reap more than $95 billion in revenue annually?

Because we are told, over and over again, that we should care. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites focused on breaking entertainment news, and even major news organizations dedicate ample time to covering todays entertainment news. Aye, therein lies the rub.

Obsessing over todays entertainment happenings is not benign, either. The implication of celebrity obsession, according to many pundits, is that as we place todays entertainment icons on pedestals, they then begin to matter more, and we begin to matter less. So if we never achieve fame (or notoriety status), our lives are less important? Quite the contrary, and I would bet any reader that they have probably had a more profound (and positive) impact on more lives than Lindsey Lohan ever has.

An occasional diversion from our daily lives is welcome, and healthy, in fact. But the ongoing inundation of who wore what best, who is dating who, and which celebrity just entered rehab is downright disturbing. We have the power, people, to break the chain. So next time you are in the checkout line of your local grocery store, put down that celebrity smut magazine, and consider yourself a better person for having done so.

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