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The Pew Research Center found that over 70% of Americans consider local television, radio, and television as their primary news sources. When it comes to national and global news, around 38% choose to watch cable news. Since local news does not offer much beyond city, county, and state news, this means over 60% of Americans get their national and international news from either the internet or national news print publications.

While it’s great to remain informed about important local, national, and global current events, there’s only so much depressing news about the economy, violence, and the rocky Obamacare roll-out that one can take. This is why so many Americans choose to unwind with US entertainment news and its latest coverage of all the latest Hollywood celebrity news updates.

Did you know that Hollywood is generally considered the “birthplace” of the American entertainment industry? Of course you do, but do you know why? It all started around 1911, when David Horsley and Al Christie founded Nestor Studios on Sunset Boulevard. Hollywood’s status as the American entertainment capital was cemented when Cecil B. DeMille and Charlie Chaplin started their own Hollywood film studios in 1913 and 1917, respectively.

For about a century now, the personal lives of Hollywood celebrities have served as distractions from the stresses of daily life. Sometimes the fanaticism can become obsession, but most people realize it’s simply entertainment. Whether you are into movies, music, television, reality television, or celebrities who are famous for being famous, the leading entertainment news today will keep you abreast of the latest celebrity news and gossip, upcoming movie news, and everything the entertainment buff could possibly want.

Of course, as the internet continues to become central to the lives of more Americans each year, the growth of online US entertainment news magazines mirrors that trend. At the moment, nearly 55% of entertainment magazine readers are getting their news via electronic platforms. Eventually, that number will grow to 100%, and when it does you can bet that entertainment news will remain a huge part of Americans’ leisure time.

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