Entertainment News Good for Your Soul

Breaking entertainment news

Entertainment news covers a lot of ground these days. Everything from sports stars to tech updates to papal proclamations is finding its way onto the breaking news pages.

As a sports icon grows in popularity, their target audience naturally spreads to outside the sports arena. People who have never watched Tiger Woods swing a single club nonetheless know his name, his face, and his marital troubles. And Tiger is far from the most flamboyant of sports celebrities. The crazier the character, the less we care what sport they play, as long as their offseason antics continue to catch our eye.

Just as business news can encompass anything that affects business in any way (which is pretty much everything), breaking entertainment news today turns a wide angle lens on a variety of subject matters, in order to tie them in to the “entertainment” world. And while it makes for some good journalism in a sometimes superficial industry… sometimes you just want to see who got drunk at which party. Or which movie you should go see this weekend. Or the size of the rock on the finger of a newly fianceed diva. Because sometimes we DO need a break from the world.

Who is going on tour? Who is divorcing who? When is the next chapter of our favorite franchise hitting the big screen? Todays entertainment news gives us a break from having to care about our own problems, and focus on something that may or may not matter to world peace or a stable economy, but is good for our soul anyway. And with no shortage of breaking entertainment news to choose from, it is a reliable well from which to draw the water of our repose. Or to see who tripped at the Oscars. Whichever.

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