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The United States is the media capital of the world. There is more television, magazine, newspaper, and internet news in the U.S. than any other country in the world. Sure, people do take their local, national, and world news seriously, but Americans are obsessed when it comes to entertainment news.

Just look at the statistics. There are more than two television sets for each American household; and, on the average, Americans spend nine years of their lives staring at the tube. If American families are not spending their dinner times watching television, chances are they are surfing the Web via their mobile devices.

Anyone who uses the internet with any sort of regularity knows that you cannot spend two minutes surfing before you come across something about celebrities in the news. From OMG celebrity news to TMZ to CNN entertainment news, the Web is saturated with sites offering the “latest celebrity news and gossip.”

Despite its tremendous upside, one of the internet’s foremost strengths is also a source of one of its most profound weaknesses. This “weakness” is the ease with which anyone with a computer can post any information they want online, regardless of it is truth, rumor, or complete fabrication.

Therefore, even the silliest, most ridiculous rumors can quickly become viral and spread all over the world before the truth actually comes out. One of the best examples of this is the number of premature celebrity deaths that are reported in dubious entertainment news articles.

If you are an entertainment buff how can you tell which sources to trust? The best advice is to take everything with a grain of salt, unless it comes from a reputable entertainment news source. Since the dawning of entertainment journalism, the leading news sources earned the trust of their audiences through years of consistently dependable and ethical coverage of entertainment news.

The CNN entertainment news website has been one of the most reliable sources for online entertainment news for years. Among the countless online entertainment news sources, only a handful can make a similar claim with any sort of honesty. Thus, for the latest news on movies, music, television, and celebrity gossip, CNN entertainment news is one source you can trust.

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