Watch Bear Break Into House to Play Piano

Bears are wild animals. They are scared of people but they also love food. Bears have been known to get into unsecured garbage when people are not around. In this video, you will a bear that did a little more than simply grab the trash. Please note that if you have a bear on your property, you should call a wildlife removal service so a professional can help safely remove the animal.

The video starts with an empty house. However, if you look closely you see a black coat of fur in the bottom left of the frame. The ball of fur briefly leaves the frame, but you can see the chair move slightly. All of a sudden, you see a bear jump to the center of the room. It seems to be a young black bear that is feeling adventurous. It is likely after some food. You can see the bear curiously look around for a few moments. It then decides to get up on the piano stool and put its front paws on the piano keys. The bear does not seem phased by the noise that the keys make. Lastly, it proceeds to visit another room of the house.


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