Tornado Wreaks Havoc on Farmstead in Broad Daylight

Has your house had a close call with a tornado? If so, your shingle roofing may be in need of repair. Their powerful shearing winds can rip of shingles from afar. In this video, you will see a storm chaser get up close to a tornado in broad daylight.

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You will see as it absolutely levels a farmstead.

On July 8th, 2020, an EF4 tornado touched down in Dalton Minnesota. The video starts with a storm chaser filming a funnel cloud in the sky. A funnel cloud consists of swirling clouds. It is essentially a tornado in the sky that has not lowered to the ground yet. The storm chaser watches anxiously for the funnel to descend. Just because there is a funnel cloud does not necessarily mean there will be a tornado. After a few minutes of watching intently, the cloud descends on the ground. You can see as it starts to grow, picking up more and more debris. The chaser gets closer to get a better view. You can also see other vehicles belonging to storm chasers also rushing to the scene. By the time that they get close, the tornado has grown to an powerful EF4 tornado. You can see how easily it rips a farmstead to shreds.


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