The Importance of Courtroom Sketch Artists

Rarely are court cases filmed or broadcast on live television. While this has happened a few times in the past few years due to Covid-19 restrictions, the most traditionally accurate representations of the feelings and characters in the courtroom are created by courtroom sketch artists. They illustrate every notable face in the case, from the witnesses to the criminal defense lawyers. Every detail is significant, and these sketches serve not only as written documentation of the trial, but also as a way for the public to get a glimpse into the courtroom.

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This video shares what courtroom sketch artists accomplish throughout their workdays.

Courtroom sketch artists can hold a large degree of responsibility in their drawing efforts, considering that cameras are banned in most courts of law. Since you can’t capture the shocking moments of court on camera, a sketch artist is essential to recreate the feeling in the room. Courtroom sketch artists are usually only invited to high-profile cases, since there is a big demand for court sketch content that is already in the public eye. These sketches are sold, printed in papers, and even used in in-depth documentaries to illustrate a court case.


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