Tornado Throws Pickup Truck

Tornadoes have a reputation for being violent and destructive. They rip panels and shingles off of houses with ease. Sometimes, they will take an entire house up hundreds of feet into the air. In this video, a full size pickup truck is picked up and whirled around in the air like it is weightless.

The video starts with two storm chasers barreling towards a tornado off to their front. They are getting close to the tornado.

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In fact, they are so close that the passenger expresses concern. They are certainly in a risky spot. Thankfully, the tornado continues to move away from them as they chase it. Even so, this is risky because tornadoes can change direction at any time.

The tornado continues its path of destruction when it hits a small town. You can see debris and parts of someone’s roof hurled hundreds of feet into the sky. This person is going to need a new roof for sure. Next, to the storm chasers surprise, they see a full size pickup truck being thrown up into the air by the vicious tornado.


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