Neighbors Fight Crime and Steal Their Vehicle Back

Crime is a problem in many communities. Even gated communities aren’t safe. In this video, you will learn how several homeowners took matters into their own hands.

A homeowner went on the news to talk about crime in his community and discuss what he did about it. This man said he has experienced around a dozen burglaries in his gated community.

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People have broken in to steal bikes and other property. Other have vandalized and spray-painted security cameras. One criminal went as far to steal an elderly lady’s car. This was the last straw.

Several of the homeowners came together with a plan once they discovered that the stolen car was located at a nearby RV park. The neighbors went to the RV park and managed to steal the vehicle back when nobody was around. This was a dangerous move that worked out in the end. They were able to return the vehicle to the lady. However, it is still better to contact the police and let them deal with such matters. This RV park was also known for drugs, trafficking, and other crimes. These criminals are going to need a good bail bonding service once they are caught.


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