Man Gets Coffee and a Tornado

Many businesses that are in the vicinity of a tornado will need a roofer to fix their roof. Tornadoes are notorious for ripping off shingles and sucking them up into the vortex. These shingles can be thrown hundreds of feet up into the air.

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They then might rain down miles away. You can imagine the cleanup involved. In this video, you will see a Dunkin Donuts get hit by a tornado through the eyes of a customer at the drive through.

The video starts with the camera facing forward, looking out the front windshield. You can see that it is a stormy day. Nothing looks out of the ordinary at first. However, in the following seconds, you can see the tree in the background start to wave violently in the wind. This isn’t just any old wind. A tornado is rapidly approaching. The tornado passes right by the Dunkin Donuts and frightens the man in the car. He screams as debris crashes into his car and the Dunkin Donuts. Windows shatter everywhere. Dangerous glass shards are whipped around like grenade shrapnel. Thankfully, nobody seems to be majorly injured by the encounter. The tornado was likely only an EF0 tornado. This is the weakest kind of tornado.


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