40 Seconds and 6 Flipped Semis Later

Wind can be a destructive force. Wind gusts have been known to knock down trees and powerlines. This can cause many inconveniences from closed roads to power outages. Occasionally a tree falls on a home and results in a loss of a life. It is important to never underestimate the sheer power of nature.

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Derechos are a strong winds moving in a line. They can reach well over 100 miles per hour. This results in a lot of straight line damage. This is particularly dangerous for semi trucks. Semi trucks are easy targets to be flipped over because the trailer is large and flat. This provides a lot of surface area for the wind to push against. That is exactly what happened in this video.

You can see strong winds knock one semi truck after another. Some of the trucks lay motionless along the side of the highway. Others lay in the middle of the highway, causing traffic to back up. This will take a lot of time, tow trucks, and auto body repair to remedy. Despite these tipped semis, nobody sustained more than minor injuries. That is all that really matters.


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