House Stands No Chance Against Vicious Tornado

It is hard to imagine what it looks like for a house to be shredded into nothing but debris in a matter of seconds. It may be even harder to imagine a force this powerful. Tornadoes are violent forces of nature. If the only person you need to contact is your trusted roofing contractor, then you are lucky. Tornadoes can have winds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

Video Source

The vortex spins and shears until nothing is left. In this video, you will see a spooky tornado make light work of a building.

The video starts with the camera panning across a tree. Far on the other side is a creepy tornado. It ominously reaches down from the clouds. As the storm chaser follows the tornado, you can see that it is spinning debris hundreds of feet into the air. It is literally raining pieces of houses down onto the ground. It lifts beams and girders hundreds of feet into the air like its nothing. If you listen closely, you can hear a bone battling whir of the winds tearing things apart. What a truly incredible and terrifying sight to behold.


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