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Staying up to date with entertainment news means being constantly plugged in, from reading traditional print magazines like Entertainment Weekly and watching traditional programs like Entertainment Tonight to reading entertainment news blogs on Yahoo and other websites.

The information is constantly changing, rumors are constantly swirling, and yesterdays “it” movie star can be todays old news. Staying on top of breaking entertainment news will help you keep pace, and sometimes stay ahead of the entertainment news trends.

Entertainment news today is a broad umbrella for a number of different disciplines, from movies and TV to music, comedy, and reality stars. There seem to be more celebrities making news than ever before, and if you dont trust the right dependable resources with the most current information, it is easy to lose track and be left behind in a web of yesterdays news.

Insteead you can get todays entertainment news as its breaking. In some cases, you can get news from the stars themselves before they are reported by the major media outlets. In this way, social media sites like Twitter have been revolutionary when it comes to how we get our entertainment news. These social media vehicles allow for immediate conversation and buzz to build following a breaking announcement from the celebrity. And in the world of high power entertainment, this is an essential edge when spreading and receiving the latest and juiciest information about the stars.

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