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Gossip and entertainment news today is often on the lips of many Americans. From online breaking entertainment news to news rack magazines devoted to celebrity gossip, we can’t keep our eyes off breaking stories and photos. But what is it about breaking entertainment news that keeps readers and online viewers coming back for more? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the lives of celebrities have always been appealing to everyday people because there is an air of mistique that surrounds famous people. They are somewhat untouchable and have statuses that are unattainable for the average person. Celebrities maintain popular circles comprised of equally famous people. And it doesn’t matter if they are walking their dogs, pushing a stroller or shopping from groceries, the same things everyone does. When it happens to a celebrity, it’s suddenly entertainment news. And Americans eat it up!
Gone are the days when people learned about fashion and entertainment from Life Magazine. There is no longer the thrill of seeing a famous person riding in a sports or luxury car or smoking a cigarette while gazing out over a balcony. We revel in entertainment news today of celebrity arrests, busts, accidental photographs, and other breaking entertainment news stories. We aren’t interested in their rise to fame as much as we long for their fall from it. Especially when they hit every obstacle on the way down. Perhaps Americans have had a change in perspective and have grown tired of putting famous faces first.
Perhaps because it is easier now than ever before to access breaking entertainment news, that waiting to hear about famous people holds no thrill. Still, hundreds of thousands of daily Internet users visit breaking entertainment news today sites and buy gossip magazines that cover entertainment news today. As much as we don’t want to look at who is having a baby, who is breaking up and who was recently arrested, we cannot help ourselves. We know that others will be talking about these hot topics and we want to be a part of the conversation. The office water cooler gossip may not exist anymore, but we have replaced it with chat forums and social websites that fulfill our need to talk about celebrities and breaking todays entertainment news. So, go ahead and click on that celebrity article that details some steamy hot romance between two people you’ll never meet in person. Or pick up that breaking entertainment news today magazine on the rack at the check out counter

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