How to Actually Find Fast, Affordable, and Healthy Eats After Searching for

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Whether the goal is shed a few pounds of fat or gain a few pounds of muscle, nearly everyone has tried a diet at one point in their life for one reason or another. And regardless of why you’re dieting, deciding where to eat can be a struggle. And the struggle is real ? like, for real for real.

This is especially true if you’re in a rush or out during your lunch break, when the temptation for unhealthy food options such as fast food is especially strong. Similarly, the convenience of food delivery can be especially tempting on days when cooking at home feels like a chore. In other words, it’s pretty easy to stray off the course of any given diet when you’re not preparing your own meal.

Thankfully however, eating healthy on the go is entirely possible and it’s becoming easier than ever before. This makes the often anxiety-inducing search of “where to eat near me” a lot more approachable and hassle free. With a few practical tips and healthy eating hacks, you can take the stress out of searching for “where to eat near me” and find meals that fit both your diet and your budget. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Sides matter

If you’re goal is to reduce refine sugar, sodium, or unhealthy fats from your diet ? or maybe even all three ? then it’s important to pay close attention to condiments and sides. A side of mashed potatoes and gravy or french fries can add a great deal of fat calories and sodium to a meal. Similarly, condiments and salad dressing can also add fat, salt, and even processed sugar. All of these can add up and turn an otherwise healthy meal, such as a salad, into one that disrupts your diet plans. You can avoid this by asking for condiments or salad dressing on the side.

On the other hand, sides can also be your best ally. After running a search for “where to eat near me”, you may find a great spot with a tantalizing menu ? only there’s no main courses that fit your budget or diet. In this case, ordering healthy side dishes and eating those as your meal can help you save money and your diet.

Have it your way

Not all restaurants can accommodate certain dietary preferences, but many are more than happy to do so. Ask the server if it’s possible to substitute any unhealthy sides with healthier options, or if your main course can be prepared with less oil, salt, etc. You can even ask for a larger portion of a healthy side such as a salad or steamed vegetables. For vegetarians and vegans, you can ask if the main protein choice can be substituted with a plant-based option or replaced with an additional side. In some cases, substitutions are actually less expensive than the price listed on the menu.

Bottoms up

Dieting isn’t just about what you eat. In fact, what you drink can either make or break your diet! Order a large salad with dressing on the side and a large soda is counterproductive and will slow your progress. That’s not to say that you should just give up on your diet entirely, rather it’s important to be aware of both the caloric and nutritional content of what you drink. For example, your favorite caffeinated beverage might be higher in calories, fat, and refined sugar than you think. Some even have an entire daily value’s worth or more in one cup! Opt for lighter, healthier options such as sparkling water with lemon, herbal tea blends, and plant-based milks.

Although it may seem difficult to find affordable and healthy meal options after running a “where to eat near me” search, it’s a lot easier than you think ? especially with the right attitude. Furthermore, many restaurants are now hip and openly accommodating of food allergies and dietary restrictions such as gluten free and plant-based diets. Approaching this search with an open mind and a few tricks can transform the anxiety of deciding what to eat into an exciting culinary adventure!

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