Innovations in Skateboarding

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If you go to any college campus, you’ll see students on skateboards all around. They skateboard to class. They skateboard to friends’ dorms. They skateboard to breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Skateboarding is a fun and creative way to stay active and healthy and is easy to fit into a daily routine. In fact, it can often become a primary mode of transportation.

Skateboarding has been hugely popular for awhile now, especially in the U.S. The U.S. alone accounts for over half of skateboard sales worldwide and contains a whopping 500 skateboard parks around the country. 11 million people say that they enjoy incorporating skateboarding as a regular part of their lives. There are core skaters and casual skaters, those who skate 26 or more times a year and those who skate 25 times or less, but all share a love of the sport.

All should also be excited by innovations in skateboarding. An electric skateboard presents an exciting opportunity for both core and casual skaters. An electric skateboard is, as the name applies, a skateboard with electric motor. This skateboard with electric motor can also include an electric off road skateboard too. An electric longboard and a battery powered skateboard also represent innovations in skating.

So where should a skate fanatic go to learn about and obtain such awesome innovations? While sporting goods stores are always an option, only about 3% of skateboard purchases are actually made there. While certainly their products are good, it can be assumed that they may not have as much experience or knowledge when it comes to discussing skateboards, especially newer innovations like a skateboard with electric motor or an electric powered longboard.

In fact, most skaters don’t even prefer to buy top brands. Instead, 77% of skaters say that they like to stay with small, local brands when purchasing new skate equipment. This is a more personal experience when it comes to skateboarding, and skaters can gain better knowledge of their sport from people with a passion for making and selling products like a skateboard with an electric motor, or a motorized longboard.

It’s true that skating is a nationally popular sport, enjoyed by men and women alike, though men still dominate the sport by nearly 70%. Small skate shops can make new innovations in skating approachable and accessible to all.

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