How Culture Is Changing, for Better or Worse

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Todays entertainment news may not be entertainment news that stays either new or entertaining, but it can be both today. The average person watches thousands of hours of television in their lifetime. Some watch around four hours of television every day. There are differing theories on how good or bad this is, from the theory of Raymond Williams that watching television is basically a passive experience to the theory of Marshall McLuhan, who believed that television was a highly developed sensory experience.

Both of these theories cannot be right, but the way that you watch television might depend on the viewer. People who watch breaking entertainment news as a means of staying informed might be using it in a better way than the people who just use television to fill a hole in their schedules which might be filled with something more productive.

When it comes to entertainment news today, there is not much question that the media is much less respected than it was several decades ago. Todays entertainment news is often looked at as being just that, entertainment. For some people watching todays entertainment news as entertainment might not be such a bad things. For other people todays entertainment news might merely be a means of confirming their preconceived ideas.

However, todays entertainment news can be a good way to gain valuable insights into American culture. It might be a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, but that does not mean that it does not offer interesting insights as to who we are as human beings. Of course, most people probably do not look at entertainment news reflexively. But it can be a good way for people to stay informed with what is new in entertainment and, if nothing else, to show people how the culture is changing, for better or worse.

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