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How Can Your Company Benefit From MSM Outlets?

Traditional media has been used to market companies and businesses for decades. Still, mainstream media can be an effective way to promote your products and services. The mainstream media maintains its trust, unlike social media, where scammers take advantage of innocent customers. As such, using the MSM outlets can benefit your company in several ways. This article will discuss 10 ways using MSM will transform your company.

Brand Awareness

MSM outlets have been the most effective way to create brand awareness. In 2023 TV viewership statistics by TV Scientific, around 5.4 billion people worldwide have TVs in their homes. An average adult in the United States spends around 2.5 hours daily watching TV. This positions many people to familiarize themselves with your brand as a company if you air compelling advertisements.

On the other hand, Pew Research Center found that 84% of Americans aged 12 years and above listened to terrestrial radio in 2020. The number had dropped from 89% in 2019, with covid 19 being suspected as the cause. In another research done in 2022 summer, 47% of American adults said they get news from the radio. This is a clear indication that despite the invention of social media, the mainstream media maintains its relevance in the modern world.

Pew Research Center also revealed that the newspaper circulation in 2020 was 24.3 million on weekdays and 25.8 million on Sundays. Considering the circulation rate, newspapers are a critical part of the American news landscape. The newspapers are an awesome medium for creating brand awareness since people can move around with them. They are ideal for targeting a certain group of people you want to reach out to.

For instance, if you have a law firm that offers reliable attorneys, people who need to be represented for legal matters will find it easier to reach out to you. Newspaper advertisements are more trusted, unlike social media, where informal language and graphic images are used daily. As a startup company, you can create brand awareness fast with the mainstream media because the masses develop trucks in you.

Company Credibility

The internet is flooded with misleading information, pseudo pages, and accounts that scammers use to con people. Any time a company creates a professional page to prospect, scammers will create similar pages to lure innocent people into purchasing counterfeit products. This has brought challenges in trusting most companies because distinguishing the genuine and the pseudo is hard.

However, the mainstream media has been airing genuine information for decades, and many people in older generations have a strong trust in it. The masses know that the media houses are well-registered and are granted licenses to air information. So, people will respect a company mentioned in the MSM outlets more than in a blog.

The other thing that enables your company’s credibility through mainstream media is people’s strong beliefs about information reviews before airing. The media houses will request licenses and check the product quality before advertising. This helps them retain the reputation of the people. As such, if your company advertises through mainstream media, you automatically get credit.

The ideal outcome of credibility is higher conversion rates which means sales and growth. Additionally, the ability to be trusted by the target audience encourages word-of-mouth marketing. Normally, health service providers can thrive with mainstream media advertising because of their reputation. For instance, if you are a cosmetic surgeon, you’ll earn much trust from the potential candidates if you go the MSm way.

Widening the Circles of Influence

MSM outlets tend to widen the circles of influence because social media and blogs have certain limitations. The internet relies on keywords to reach potential customers or audiences. As such, a blog or social media post will reach a certain point where the audience will no longer increase.

The MSM outlets tend to widen the circles because the advertisement reaches everyone watching the TV or reading the newspaper. In social media and the internet, they use cookies to learn the visitors’ interests and display related ads. But the MSM adverts reach everyone reading, listening, or watching. This can evoke the interest even of the most unconcerned people after checking on it repeatedly.

Once you have widened the circle of influence, you can access different audiences daily. For instance, if you offer dental services, you normally target people with dental problems. But with the MSM, you’ll reach people and enlighten them about dental checkups and care. This can win you more audience members who would subscribe to your email list or schedule a consultation.

Sometimes, you can exhaust the natural circles of influence or reach a saturation point. But the audience you get through MSM outlets can be the most influential because you have credibility. You can learn something new every time from your audience because MSM creates interest in them to interact with you and learn more.

High Company Website Traffic

Organic traffic has been the best way to get readers on the company websites. However, the use of social media has been the best addition to organic traffic because many people have been using social media. Most companies apply the strategy of prospecting on social networks and later proceed to do lead nurturing by using their websites.

Unfortunately, several social platform users have decided to quit various platforms, according to Statista’s 2020 survey. According to statistics, many people quit social media because they fear their privacy. Other people feel they waste their productive hours reading irrelevant information on social media. On the other hand, some people dislike the ads that pop up on social media; therefore, they decide to quit.

The MSM outlets can be the best way to drive traffic to your website. You may get the organic traffic on the website, and the MSM replaces the rest that may have been lost through social media quitting. Most mainstream media adverts give information to the audience where they can find more information about your company. And the most probable platform is the company website.

For example, if you have a veterinary hospital, and your potential customers are not on social media, they will visit your website to learn more about your

veterinarians. They will learn the quality of their services through customer reviews and blogs you publish on the website. This saves time because the audience searches for your company and clicks the link to the landing page.

Invites Opportunities

Internet scams and the daily posting of misleading information have led to hindrances of many opportunities for companies. The MSM outlets have carried their reputation over the decades, which can help you invite opportunities. Some of the opportunities you can get are the potential companies aiming to partner with you for growth.

For instance, if you are an event-organizing company, you can partner with luxury wedding venues. If you are a travel company, you may partner with the most reliable hotels throughout the states that can offer accommodation to your clients. Most retail and wholesale stores also get good suppliers through MSM advertisements because suppliers need reliable businesses to honor their agreements. And considering the credibility and reputation a business earns with the MSM, it becomes possible to strike the deals.

Moreover, by using mainstream media, you can get reliable business partners who can invest in your company and propel it to great heights of success. Most investors use the MSM, like the newspapers, to find out if company shareholders are selling their shares. Additionally, if you run an NGO, you stand the best chance of getting funded because the mainstream media gives you credibility.

Attracts More Talent to the Company

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce comprises passive talents who aren’t actively looking for jobs. Only 30% of the workforce are actively looking for jobs. However, the surprising fact about the workforce is that 87% of active and passive candidates are open to job opportunities. Using the MSM outlets can help attract more talent to your company if you don’t like working with staffing agencies.

Since many people rely on the mainstream media for information, you can reach out to the masses for brand awareness and still attract talent. Many people would love to work with reputable companies because they help build skills and portfolios. As such, you may receive several applications from people all over the states who would like to work in your company. This saves you money for job advertisements.

Secondly, it will save you from the hassle of talent hunting through agencies because it’s an additional cost. You only have to set aside a team to review the cover letters and determine the most appropriate talent for your company. For instance, if you offer family therapy service, hiring a professional within a day can be easier.

Success Reporting and Agenda Promotion

It’s not all about advertising your products and services in the mainstream media. You can also inform the community of your success so that potential customers will know you’re an expert when they come for your services. That said, if you have expanded your staff, won a contract, or are planning to expand your market, you can let the public know.

MSM can also help you promote the world as you see it. Don’t wait for the government white papers and the council planning policy regarding your industry. You can also be a reliable, informed, and influential commentator. By promoting your agenda, the public will view you as the leading expert in your field.

Suppose you run a dog training school; you can reach out to the neighborhood and state. Inform the public of your plans to introduce puppies to daily schedules like feeding, drinking water, and playing. You may also table the agenda of how you intend to train the dogs on some basics, like understanding their name, good manners at home, and other commands.

Time Saving

According to Hubspot, a business must post 2 to 5 times weekly to keep the followers engaged and increase conversion. Most businesses and companies use multiple social media platforms to reach their potential customers. As such, you need time to craft each post for a specific platform, post it, and reply to comments and questions from the audience. This can take much of your productive time in business.

The mainstream media charges you for creating the adverts and decides the best time to air them. So, you have ample time to engage with your customers without worrying about crafting the posts and designing the posters. For instance, if you run daycares, you will have enough time to take care of the children, retaining the customers.

Personal Connection with Journalists

Establishing a good relationship with the media can help you during hard times. For example, journalists can give you a shoulder to lay on if your company falls due to wealth management issues or your cakes poison the neighborhood. The media houses tend to remember who their customers are, if not the audience.

Journalists can provide valuable information to help you effectively run the company. Journalists provide essential information about the world of business and economics. This information is critical when making financial decisions in your company. Additionally, they can help you learn about your target market through investigative reports.


Many business owners think online advertisement is the cheapest and easier way to reach the audience. But what about the paid ads and hiring social media managers to ensure the audience is engaged? With the MSM, you pay the media once the posters are designed. Additionally, they analyze and study the market to determine the actual time and where to place the adverts.

For example, if you offer transitional interior design service, you’d want to target the homeowners. The experts in the media can help you study the market well and understand the color loved by a certain group of people. Considering the costs of online advertisements and the time invested, the one-time payment for the MSM adverts is worth it.

As a company manager, MSM outlets will benefit your company in many ways. You’ll save time and money and reach potential customers to increase conversion rates. Additionally, you can update the community on your success and agenda to build more trust. It also helps you build a personal relationship with the journalists for market study benefits.

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