Fans Confused as Fire Alarm Sounds at Celtics Basketball Game

Basketball games are a blast. Players dribble the ball down the court, pass the ball, and swish a three. You may even see a few slam dunks. It is no doubt that these individuals are extremely talented at the professional level. However, sometimes things can go wrong that are outside of their control.

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In this video, you will see how a fire alarm goes off during a Boston Celtics NBA basketball game. If you don’t want something similar to happen to your business, consider getting commercial fire alarms installed by a trusted expert who will set them up correctly.

The Celtics were warming up before their game as they normally do. The fans were watching in anticipation as pre-game hype video plays on the jumbotron. The strobe lights were flashing and the audio was blasting. All of a sudden, the audio cut out and a jolting beep droned through the arena. The spectators were confused and quiet. The loudspeaker then played a pre-recorded message about using the nearest exit. People were unsure whether this was a real emergency or if it was a malfunction. Supposedly, it was simply a pipe that burst, causing the alarms to sound.


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