Clumsy Criminal Gets Caught

Running from the law is never a good idea. This is especially true if you are clumsy and uncoordinated. In this video, a man attempts to get away from a police officer. However, they take a few falls in the process. Maybe they should have considered a bail agency instead.

There was a manhunt in Sacramento, California. It all started with a normal traffic stop.

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When pulled over, the suspect drove away so quickly that he ran over a curb and lost a tire. The car was an old car and couldn’t take the heat. It ended up breaking down, so the suspect decided to run on foot. This quite quickly proved to be a bad idea. He faceplanted on the pavement, but got up to run again. He ran through yards in an attempt to evade police. This would only be temporary.

The police were setting up a perimeter until one lady deputy noticed the guy she was looking for sitting in the fetal position on the porch of a house. She quickly went over and arrested him, garnering the praise of the homeowner that was not sure what to do with a criminal on her porch.


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