Signage Trends in 2022

Without a doubt, signage is something that we interact with several times every day. Whether its a stop sign, a fast food menu, or building signage, signage is vital to growing businesses and attracting attention. When it comes to advertising your business, there are few things more effective than attractive building signage. Labelling and marking your building makes it uniquely yours, and causes people to remember your location.

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2022 has brought a host of new marketing trends as well as signage trends. This video shows some of the latest successful designs, as well as an idea on where the signage industry may be headed in the coming years.

Surprisingly enough, traditional blackboard signage is incredibly in right now! Whether it be your restaurant’s menu, or a sandwich board showing your business’s location, blackboards provide a sense of vintage minimalism that many people appreciate. Additionally, sustainable signage is also on the rise. Wooden signs and simple paper signs are increasingly popular. Using biodegradable signage solutions instead of plastic is a great way to help the environment, while providing a clean and healthy aesthetic to your restaurant or cafe.


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