You Wont Believe These Extreme Roofing Conditions

Roofing is a difficult profession. There is no doubt about that. Very few people can comfortably spend their work day on top of a roof. One wrong move could send them tumbling to the ground. This can result in all sorts of injuries from broken bones to dislocated shoulders.

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Fortunately, a roofer is trained to handle every situation that is thrown there way. In this video, you will see how some roofers are handling difficult situations.

One clip shows some roofers who got caught in a strong storm. You can tell by the amount that the palm trees are bending in the wind and by the death grip that the roofers are exhibiting, that this is an extreme situation. Fortunately, they seem to be hanging on alright. To avoid such a difficult situation, it is important to watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

It isn’t just mother nature that roofers have to deal with. Sometimes, they need to navigate a roof with an extreme slope. These roofs prove exceedingly difficult to work on. Even so, the ingenuity of some roofers proved fruitful. They use ladders and small temporary wooden platforms to secure themselves on the drastically inclined roof.


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