Tips for Organizing an Apple-Picking Outing with Kids

There is something about a season change that is very magical. It is during this period that you find people looking to explore outdoors or maybe take a vacation. The hot summer afternoons are the perfect time for an outdoor visit where you can engage in your favorite activity. Since there are so many options to choose from, there is always something for everyone. Adults can enjoy some horse-riding, off-road biking or even a nature walk. Since kids are a bit choosy about the activities they would wish to engage in, first prepare the child by engaging them in a conversation to learn about an activity they like. One activity that never disappoints is apple picking. If you have an apple donut or an apple pie recipe, try and cook a few apple donuts before visiting the apple farm. Below are some few tips to get you started on your apple orchard tour.

Invite Friends and Family
Inviting friends and family can make the experience even more memorable especially if you have small children. Children love being around people and you want to make this trip to apple hill farm ca a special one. Since there are not a wide variety of activities for kids, you will want your kid to remind you about the day you went apple picking. If you decide to invite some friends and family, make sure that you pack enough donuts for everyone. In order to match the event with what you cook, you can settle for an apple donut for the kid. The rest of the guest can choose their preferences.

Plan in Advance
The success of any tour largely depends on meticulous planning. Unfortunately, planning is one of the most overlooked activities. When you settle on doing things at the last minute, there are high chances that something will go wrong. For starters, for an apple picking tour, make sure that the place is available on the day of your choosing. Once you confirm this, make a checklist of everything you need during the tour. If there are any events taking place in the orchard, this should work to your advantage.

Pack a Picnic
Depending on the number of people who will tag along, pack a light meal that can suit everyone in the group. Do not go so much into the details but settle for things like crusty bread and butter, new carrots, some dark chocolate, Serrano ham and vinegar chips. You can also bring a special donut for your child and use it as a reward after the apple picking exercise. Whereas this is some form of positive reinforcement, it will also make the exercise fun for the kid because at the end of the day, they will feel like they actually achieved something and got rewarded for it. Whereas there is no standard opening time or closing time in an orchard, it is advisable to start early so that if the closing time is early, you will have already exhausted the day’s activities.

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