Three Awesome Gifts For Your Gal Pal’s Desk

Want to give your favorite gal pal a sweet gift? Consider something small, unexpected, and thoughtful. Mini gifts are a small commitment with a big payoff. A miniature version of an item is considered cute by most people, whether it’s a vacuum, plant, or drinking glass.

About 25% of adults purchase their gifts at the last minute instead of planning ahead. This will more often than not result in a lackluster gift that lacks thought. Small gifts can be given unexpectedly, or can be kept out of the way until the proper moment arrives.

The Fun Gift For Your Friend Who Loves to Spend a Night Out On the Town.

Tiny margarita glasses don’t make good drink glasses, as they only hold two to four ounces of liquid. But the are just the right size for a serving of candy or other small items. A little bit of potpourri would add a nice scent to her desk that wouldn’t overwhelm her office mates.

It might be possible to buy a few tiny margarita glasses and have them engraved with a date or message. These could be gifted to friends to commemorate a special event. If tiny margarita glasses aren’t her style, you can try something a little more zen-inspired.

The Soothing Gift For Your Friend Who Cultivates Good Vibes.

It’s well-established that our offices spaces could use some improvement. The harsh florescent lights are energy efficient, but can be a drag on one’s mood. Help your pal bring more peaceful energy into her work day by gifting her a desktop zen garden.

It’s said raking the sand into neat lines is a form of meditation. A mini bonsai tree can also do the trick nicely. They require frequent trimming, which can easily be done with sharp scissors. Caring for a living thing has been proven to be good for a person’s mind, as it gives them purpose.

The Perfect Gift For Your Friend Who Has Everything In Its Place.

You would never call her a clean-freak to her face, of course, which is why you let your little gifts do the talking. Our friends often have weird quirks, which is usually why we love them.

The USB vacuum cleaner is a great gift to help keep her desk tidy. A tiny desktop vacuum is good for quick clean ups during the day and she can keep it in a drawer when not in use. The appliance can be charged with a USB cord, and sometimes come in cute shapes.

Small, special gifts at unexpected times are a great way to bring friends closer. In fact, one 2015 survey had nearly 60% of respondents agree that reciprocal gifts make friendships meaningful. These gifts can be as quirky as a mini vacuum, or a little plant, or etched tiny margarita glasses. Everyone likes to receive something thoughtful.

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