The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing and the Tango

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What is Ballroom Dancing?

Dancing has long been hailed as many things such as stress relief, talking without words, a ballet between two partners, but most importantly, as a mental and physical health benefit to those individuals dancing. Ballroom dancing, in particular, brings a host of mental and physical health benefits. Ballroom dancing is where couples move together to specific music using step-patterns and overall rhythm of the chosen music.

Why Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing is a smooth style of dance that utilizes the entire dance floor. Ballroom dancing does not require any special skills or dancing ability and is a fun, physical activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, more than 80 percent of adults do not meet the physical guidelines of cardio and muscle-strengthening activities. Surprisingly, in just one hour, a 150-pound person burns approximately 240 calories while dancing, making ballroom dancing a great alternative for those who do not enjoy working out.

Which of the Ballroom Dances has the Greatest Benefits?

The Tango, a smooth-flowing dance, is one that helps individuals rid themselves of anxiety, stress, or depression because the dancers are focused on the moves of the dance. As you learn to dance the tango, you rely on internal focus and attention as you move through the steps as you would in mindfulness meditation. This state of mind can be called a “dancing meditation.” The Tango is also a physically demanding dance providing the general exercise benefits of a workout. The upbeat music and the closeness shared with a partner brings you to the present moment to learn and enjoy the dance.

The Top Health Benefits of the Tango and Ballroom Dancing

  1. Provides all the benefits of Exercise – an aerobic workout providing cardiovascular conditioning, increased muscle tone, improved stamina, and better posture. The perfect lifestyle addition keeping you healthy and fit.
  2. Provides mental benefits to ward off Alzheimer?s and dementia – the process of sequencing, memorizing complex steps, and timing body movement to the rhythm of the music involves constant mental activity.
  3. Mental health benefits – tango dance classes are an effective way to alleviating mood disorders. Dancing the tango reduced depression, stress levels, and anxiety boosting self-esteem of the participants.
  4. Increases social involvement of the elderly – tango dance classes brought elderly patients into a more social atmosphere, therefore, decreasing their sense of isolation.
    Overall satisfaction with life and self after participating in weekly dance classes.

In the end, the Tango and other ballroom dances, such as the Waltz, heighten people?s moods and brings dancers together in a positive, active, and social atmosphere. The next time you are feeling a little blue or just want to have some fun learning a new dance style, run, no dance, your way into the nearest dance studio.

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