Four Reasons to Include Artwork in Your Office

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You don’t want to have an office that isn’t decorated well. It’s common to think of a workplace as where tasks need to get finished. However, you and your employees can benefit greatly from great looking office artwork. You might feel that you know nothing about choosing art for an office. One study finds that people working in enriched offices including those filled with art are 17% more productive. In this post, you will learn four reasons to include artwork in your office.

  1. Matching Artwork with the Right Space

    The wall where you are placing artwork is an important concern. Tall vertical walls work well with larger vertical styled paintings. Narrow and wider walls will benefit from having horizontal styled paintings. Effective art in the workplace will be matched well to the wall it will hang on. Hanging artwork on a mismatched wall does not give an office its best look. Matching walls with the right sized artwork works well to reduce workplace stress.
  2. Colors are Extremely Important

    Humans tie colors to specific emotions in their brain. For example, the color blue is often associated with being dependable and warm. The color yellow is often used for brands because the color invokes a feeling of warmth. Green is a color that is linked to stress relief because it invokes calm feelings. Consider how certain colors will make your workers feel. The color choice of chosen art might not be a huge concern if you implement pieces of multi colored artwork. However, being mindful of artwork color choices will keep workplace stress down even further than normal.
  3. Choose Artwork that Matches Your Business

    Workplace decorations should tie into what your business is about. A company selling tractors and farm equipment probably would not have their office decorated in pink and purple colors. If your business sells products made for the water, consider implementing blue artwork into your office. You’ll want to ensure the art you choose matches somewhat with the message of your company. Sports businesses will benefit from having sports themed artwork hanging around the office.
  4. Ask Employees Their Opinions

    A study by the University of London found that the brain’s response to joy increased 10% by viewing a painting. Installing artwork in your office gives works the chance to feel that joy every single day. Happy workers are more likely to feel great coming into a stress free workplace. It’s a great idea to ask workers what kind of artwork they would like to see. These people will be most likely to see office artwork all day, their opinion is very important. You could have a meeting setup to ask workers their opinions about artwork pieces. You don’t have to ask information about exact pieces, just general guidelines.

In summary, there are several beneficial reasons to include artwork in your office. It’s imperative that you match art hangings with office wall space. Placing large artwork on a small wall could lead to it not lining up properly. A small piece of art on a large wall will be hard to see. You’ll want to choose artwork colors that invoke the right feelings for your employees. Office art looks especially great when it matches the general theme of your business. A company selling fishing poles could have artwork related to water all around the office. Having artwork in an office is a must for reducing workplace stress. One study finds that 94% of those surveyed felt art made their office feel more inviting.

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