Suspect Attempts to Flee Via Passing Train

Criminals always seem to make poor decisions when attempting to escape from police. Of course, they already seem to be prone to making bad decisions. However, this video shows a criminal who seems particularly adept at making poor decisions. He is going to contact a bail bond agent after this incident.

In the video, Los Angeles’ news copter is following a suspect in a stolen vehicle. It is a stolen SUV which means that it has decent off-road capabilities.

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This criminal would put those capabilities to the test. The vehicle is speeding down the road when the criminal realized the police have the road blocked off. He then takes a hard left through a chain link fence and into a train yard. The criminal continues to drive recklessly through the train yard in an attempt to evade the police. The vehicle fishtails a few times until it eventually stalls out. The suspect then runs to a nearby train and attempts to jump on the train. However, these attempts would prove fruitless. The criminal eventually gives up and heads back to the stalled SUV where he waits for the police.


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