Quick Thinking Sends Criminals Running

Criminals can be found anywhere. They take advantage of unsuspecting people or businesses to make an extra buck. Some of them are driven by greed while others are driven by desperation. If people are not prepared, they could be the next victim of theft. However, you will see how quick thinking sent some criminals running in this video.

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One of them was later caught by the police. He will certainly spend some time in jail and may have to look into bail bond services in the meantime.

The video shows a pair of criminals. The job of the first was to smash in the window of a jewelry store in the Bronx. The other man was relegated to carrying the loot back. The security camera catches what happens next. Predictably, they smash in the window and madly start fumbling for as much jewelry as possible. However, someone inside the store made the quick decision to lower the mechanical gate that keeps the store safe at night from intruders. The lowering gate dissuaded the criminals who attempted to flee. However, the police were able to identify the man from the security camera and arrested him shortly later.


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