Man Hides SUV Inside U-Haul Truck

Time and time again certain people prove that common sense is not so common. They also tend to prove why we need good police as well. In this video, you will see a man make some questionable decisions and pay the price. He may need to talk with some bail bondsmen after these offenses.

Sometimes U-Haul trucks are not returned on time. Other times, they are not returned at all and are labeled as stolen.

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This was about to be the case for one U-Haul when the police noticed a strange U-Haul driving down the road. There was nothing particular about the truck itself. Rather, it was the facts that another truck was sticking out the back of the U-Haul. To make matters worse, it was only strapped in with a single strap. It was very unsecure and could have caused serious damage if it came loose. It could have struck another car, building, or even a pedestrian. Therefore, the police promptly pulled the man over only to find that he had not shown up to court and already had a warrant. He wasn’t exactly laying low.


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