Digital Video Production Companies Providing Video Marketing Plans to Businesses

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The Information Age. The Digital Age. The Age of the Internet. No matter what it is officially dubbed, there is no denying that the technology of the modern world has revolutionized the way so many aspects of daily life are now conducted. The world of business has perhaps been more affected by the advent of the Internet than any other technological breakthrough or event in history. Many businesses are now conducting themselves in a completely different manner. Methods of marketing have evolved, and the focus has heavily shifted to the desire to make a splash and succeed online.

The main challenge most businesses face today, however, is that the convenience of doing business online has made it quite difficult for any one brand to truly stand out. Of course, already well established businesses are not experiencing this issue as much, but those who are still trying to make a name for themselves are often struggling to do so. With the help of a digital video production company, though, businesses can begin to seek ways of standing out through the strategy of video marketing.

The concept of marketing videos came about as a response to the immense popularity of web videos that has developed over the years. Each day, YouTube has over 4 billion views worldwide. Before they purchase a product, 60 percent of consumers watch videos on that product, according to Marketing Charts.

Consumers have shown to be more likely to engage in conversations about the the products or services of a business when online advertising videos are used. Video marketing is also effective for attracting consumers who use smartphones or tablets, as the videos can be easily accessed. One third of all advertising spending worldwide is expected to go to video marketing within the next 5 years. To gain a competitive edge online, businesses can seek video marketing campaigns from web video production companies. Learn more about this topic here.

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