Are You in the Process of Planning an Outdoor Wedding Event?

Winter weddings are interesting events. From the weather to the travel that is impacted by the weather, there are more unknowns when it comes to weddings that are planned for the winter months. Spring, summer, and fall brides make decisions about tent and party rentals, while winter brides merely hope for a wedding or reception venue with large windows that might look onto a beautiful wintry scene. And while brides during other times of the year may have to contend with rain, a winter bride deals with the real possibility that a blizzard or ice storm might keep guests from being able to attend.

Brides and their grooms are not the only people who consider party tent rentals, but they are often the ones with the most on the line. Even the couples who are planning a spring or fall event can find themselves looking at extras like heating and rain tents as they prepare for their best events. in addition to the tents themselves, however, there are also many other rental items that can make any event more successful. From wedding tables to linens and even dishes, there are many rental items that can help make any event one to remember.

Finding the Right Wedding or Party Venue Can be a Challenge
In many locations around the country, finding the right location for a wedding or reception can be a real challenge. Perhaps this is the reason that tent and party rentals are so popular. Outdoor wedding tents, for instance, can help transform any space into an appropriate venue for many events. With large covered areas that also have the opportunity to have climate control options, groups of guests can enjoy a meal and even a dance.

Consider these facts and figures about the variety of ways to create the event of your dreams with a tent rental:

  • If cathedral type seating and rows of chairs are being used, the layout should allow six square feet per person. The tent needs to allow for this space.
  • Some times it actually makes more sense to purchase, rather than rent, a tent. For instance, if the tent will be used more than three or four times each year, it is might make more sense to purchase the tent.
  • Although there are two types of tent tops available, most of the larger tents are made of vinyl instead of polyester. Vinyl topped tents are durable, affordable, and strong.
  • The average number of wedding guests is 136 people, according to the Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study. This is a number that easily works with a tent rental.
  • The most popular month to get married was June, selected by 15%, followed by October, selected by14%. Both of these months are perfect times for tented venues.

Tent and party rentals offer a level of flexibility to many events. From the reception and dance to the ceremony itself, the right tent can provide a great venue.

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