Why Amish Gazebos are the Best Choice for Your Backyard

For a private outdoor escape, there is no better structure than an outdoor gazebo. Adding a screen package can help avoid bugs, and a window package can extend its use well into three seasons.

Amish Gazebos are designed to withstand anything nature can dish out: whether it is hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loaded on the roof, or anything in between. Outdoor gazebos are constructed with #1-grade pressure-treated southern yellow pine, which will not rot in damp environments.

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Another plus, termites will not touch it.

Gazebos are an excellent addition to all types of landscaping. They both compliment and enhance any garden, yard, patio or poolside. A gazebo provides a welcome shade from the sun’s rays while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of a warm summer day. It’s also the fabulous epi-center for all your summer picnics and BBQ’s. Most Amish furniture is made from oak, cherry, hickory, or maple. When you want custom gazebos that look incredible, turn to the Amish. Their builders pride themselves on using tried-and-tested techniques, and they put their time and care into absolutely every single nail, every single seam, every little detail.


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