Three Ways to Answer Pageant Questions In a Way That Will Win

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For most contestants, the interview portion of a beauty pageant is often the hardest. You never know what questions might get thrown at your, so you can never have a properly rehearsed response. There’s always an element of uncertainty present.

However, most judges will ask similar questions to ones they’ve asked in the past, or questions in the same vein. Just because it’s worded exactly the same doesn’t mean it’s not essentially the same question. This makes it possible to practice pageant interview questions and answers, so that answers aren’t completely off the cuff.

To help you prepare some pageant interview questions and answers, here’s a list of some of the most popular, tricky things that judges will ask.

1. Any Current Event.

Current events are great fodder for pageant interview questions and answers. It’s vital for any contestant to stay up to date on current topics and issues so as not to get caught off guard. Even if you don’t quite fully understand the issue or have a strong opinion formed on a topic, simply knowing about the issue can really help. For example, when Miss Tennessee was asked about marijuana reform, she eloquently answered with her local elected official’s stance on the issue.

2. Inspirations.

Many judges like to ask questions about contestants’ hopes and dreams. The best answer is to be completely honest, and explain as clearly as possible why. The key is to cut directly to your core values, the things you believe in that motivate you to pursue those hopes and dreams. That way, even if your answer is the less than altruistic response the judges expect, you can still win them over without being phony. When rehearsing pageant interview questions and answers, reflect on the things you believe in.

3. Choices.

Judges love to present contestants with a scenario and ask them what they’d do. Again, the answer isn’t important, but it’s why you choose that answer that is. Illustrate the motivation behind your decision with a story from your past to help judges understand where you’re coming from.

Rehearsing these pageant interview questions and answers with pageant coaches can really help to bolster your interview skills and your confidence. If you’re wondering anything at all about these pageant interview questions and answers, feel free to ask in the comments.

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