Still love my wedding card box

Wedding money holder

Some might say the favorite part of their wedding day was the ceremony. Not me! When married last year I was all about finding the perfect bits and pieces for every part of the day. Then I cried when I had to put it all in a box. I refused to just let all of those things languish in my attic. As I sit here blogging, I can look over at my wedding card box and remember the love that surrounded me that day. You’re scratching your head, “you still have your wedding reception gift card box displayed?” You bet!

When I searched for the perfect wedding reception gift card box I didn’t want a cardboard throwaway. I was surprised at how lame the options are for this one important item. As I searched wedding card holder ideas I found tons of great do it yourself options. None incorporated photos in a way that I wanted to. I had fallen in love with my engagement photos. I searched high and low for a wedding reception gift card box with a frame incorporated into it. I found some ideas, but nothing wowed me.

As I pulled my hair out trying to make every detail perfect, I was particularly perplexed in my quest for the perfect wedding card money holder. One day after work I went to a craft store to look at frames. I started to imagine gluing four frames together to created a wedding reception gift card box. That’s when I realized I was on to something! But how would I make it look like a real wedding money holder?

Back to Google looking for a wedding reception gift card box with frames. Bingo! The prefect wedding reception gift card box came up in my search. The wedding reception gift card box comes on a 360 degree rotating base with slots for five photos (four sides plus one on top). It has a lock for security because you know how I feel about my husband’s second cousins.

I don’t understand why card holder for weddings haven’t become more than just a tissue box. My wedding reception gift card box is simple, classy, and a constant reminder of the amazing friends and family that came, gave, and supported us on that day. Doesn’t hurt that I’ve filled it with wedding photos because, admit it, I looked damn good that day!

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