Musical Theater Class Advice for Parents

Auditioning for a musical theater class can be time-intensive, so students must make ample preparations to ensure a successful musical theater class audition season.

Before beginning the process, the student should take the time to do comprehensive research: decide what schools to apply to; make a detailed list of audition requirements and submission deadlines; select appropriate repertoire including musical theater pieces and monologues; find a dance instructor to work on choreography; and ensure that the student has the proper video and lighting equipment to record the musical theater class audition session. There are many variables regarding audition requirements, so it is essential that the student study each school’s requirements in detail.

Video Source

While recording on an iPhone is acceptable, try to borrow more high-quality camera equipment and lighting gear if possible. A student has only one opportunity to make an excellent impression when submitting videos for musical theater class auditions, so they should take the time to make sure that the recordings are as professional as possible. Please watch our video for important tips and information that will make the audition process go more smoothly. Musical theater program auditions are intensive, so good luck with the audition process!


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