It’s All In The Details Choosing The Best Napkins, Cups And Bowls To Compliment Your Party Arrangement

Throwing a successful party or wedding event is all about the little details.

Sure, it’s important to make sure the schedule is closely adhered to and everyone gets their invitation…but what really stands out to the guests at the end of the day? It might just be the elegant paper napkins you used to decorate your delicious meal spread. The art of planning a brilliant party means you need to truly embrace all the small elements that pad out your furniture and buffet. Take a moment to turn away from the endless planning to look into elegant plastic bowls and ivory tableware.

Your secret ingredient for an unforgettable time could be somewhere between the cracks!


Let’s face it…there are a lot of weddings held every year. The United States alone sees over two and a half million taking place from the West Coast to the East Coast. When you want yours to stand out it’s time to look beyond the table linens and think about what you’re going to put on them. Elegant plastic cups and elegant paper napkins can add a serious charm to your spread, giving your guests something to ooh and ahh about when they settle down for the festivities. Go a step further with metallic gold disposable cutlery for the photos!

Baby Showers

Maybe you want to know a few good ways to transform your baby shower instead. Keep in mind any party being planned should have a minimum of 100 napkins for every 25 guests. It doesn’t matter if it’s a more low-key gathering or a lively get-together…it’s better to be safe than sorry! Elegant paper napkins and quaint plastic cups are great additions to baby showers, offering up a cute look that’s still practical for adults and children. You can carry over this knowledge to birthday parties, as well, particularly if you’re worrying all your hard work won’t pay off…


Your weddings need to be fancy and festive. Your baby showers need to balance charm and sweetness. A birthday is a little more flexible, being much more specific to the individual and looking better the more unique it is. Better Homes And Gardens released a list suggesting party planners keep a few things in mind when setting up the spread. Guests will drink an average of two servings of non-alcoholic beverages in the first hour, with an average of one with each extra hour the party goes on. Warm weather will see drinks practically flying off the shelves!

Office Parties

Maybe you just want to create a nice office party to help your co-workers relax. Elegant paper napkins, disposable plastic plates and disposable silverware is the name of the game. You want your set-up to look nice enough to impress, but at the end of the day? Everyone just wants to eat some cake, mingle and go home happy. Expect your guests to use multiple disposal cups throughout the party, as it’s easy to forget where you’ve put your stuff when you’re chatting, dancing and going outside for fresh air. An average of 75 glasses for every 25 guests should do!

Useful Party Tips For Any Occasion

Parties may come in different shapes and sizes, but the details are what sing to us. Your elegant paper napkins paired with vases of flowers or cute metallic gold plastic cutlery will turn an average event into a night to remember. A total of $70 billion is spent on wedding events every year in the United States, which doesn’t even come close to the birthday parties, office shindigs and high school reunions in need of good party equipment. The best tips you can take away are always storing a few extra napkins and cups in case of an emergency, right alongside buying party supply packages more often than not.

The only limit is your imagination. What details will make your wedding or baby shower truly shine?

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