Adding Photo Booths to Experiential Marketing Events

Ever since the first photo booth was invented back in 1925, people have loved the idea of crowding into a small space and taking pictures of themselves. The silly props add to the fun. Photo booths, especially vintage ones, are enjoying a kind of resurgence right now, at all kinds of events. From street fairs to weddings, it seems that no gathering of people is complete without one. Which makes a photo booth an essential part of creating an experiential marketing event.

The photo booth mystique
Photo booths were invented in 1925, and people have loved them ever since. There’s never been a time when they’ve fallen out of fashion, and right now we’re in the middle of a photo booth popularity surge. People love taking pictures of themselves, and this fascination seems never-ending. The word photography is derived from the Greek words ‘photos’ and ‘graphe’, and means ‘to draw with light’. Color photography took this art form one step further, and then digital cameras put it in everyone’s hands.
Digital cameras were invented by engineers at Kodak in 1975. The first digital camera took 23 seconds to create a picture. Since 1988, they have become almost ubiquitous, and people have put them to good use. Digital cameras are everywhere and people have shared 240 billion pictures on Facebook alone. The number of pictures begins uploaded to Facebook stood at 350 million a day in 2013. Photo booths add an element of fun to the endless fascination with photography.

Photo booths and experiential marketing events
Photo booths seems to combine several elements that make them a popular favorite. Instant digital photography and a fun and convivial atmosphere shared with good company create a moment that people want to preserve. At events like corporate outings, parties, weddings, birthdays, proms, and more, the photo booth is where people gather to capture the memory on film.
The fact that photo booths produce a tangible output that people can take home adds to their popularity. All of this makes them an ideal adjunct to an experiential marketing event, which will give potential customers a positive and fun experience they will remember for a long time. For brand activations and experiential marketing events, photo booths create a positive association with your brands and products. That’s the Holy Grail for photo marketing and photo booths make it possible.

How experiential marketing events build customer loyalty
The goal of experiential marketing events is for customers to associate your brand with having a good time and with good memories. Using company logos as photo booth backdrops is a subtle way to achieve that, but it’s just a start. Digital technology makes it possible for you to customize the photo booth experience in many ways.

iPad photo booths make customization possible, from the the photos that customers take to the images and words that they see even when not using the photo booth machines. In fact, owning a photo booth can be a profitable side business. Photo booth franchises can specialize in renting photo booths for experiential marketing events. Photo booths offer companies exposure and positive associations with almost endless possibilities for customization.

Photo booths are the perfect adjunct for brand activations and experiential marketing event. They subtly and seamlessly combine your brand with fun memories and positive experiences to create a lasting impression.

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