3 Tips for Having a Great Casino Fundraising Event

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Did you know that about 40 million people play poker fairly regularly? If you?re looking for fundraising events for your company, a casino night is worth looking into — especially because there are so many ways to customize this type of event.

When you?re considering fun company event ideas, keep in mind that you want to make sure your participants have a good time and don?t feel like the night is too structured. It?s easy, when you have a group of employees together, to start slipping into ?business mode.? But this is supposed to be about letting loose. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind for having a great casino party.

1. Have a Variety of Games Available

Did you know that, in blackjack, dealers win about 48% of the time, while players will win 44% of the time? Not surprisingly, though, this is a good game for beginners since the odds aren?t too bad. When you?re getting together a large group, keep in mind that some people will be experienced players while others will be total beginners — you want enough options so that both groups are happy and not feeling either frustrated or bored with their experience.

2. You?ll Need to Do Some Extra Prep

This isn?t like having a ?hawaiian? themed parties where you can buy a few coconuts, grass skirts for the tables, and leis and call it a day. Casino night fundraising events require a bit of prep before hand. You?ll need to hire dealers, rent gaming tables, and understand how exactly you?re going to have players ?pay? to play (real money, or tokens? How much will the tokens be worth — and what can they be exchanged for? etc). Fundraisers may require permits to host, depending on the local government in question, so do your research to determine if this is necessary.

3. Have a Good Send Off

Even though the night is finally over, you can still give guests something to remember their time by. Many websites sell a large variety of casino-themed party favors, including customized chocolate, shot glasses, card decks and more. Just make sure you?re giving something to your guests that they?ll actually be able to use. Custom pencils may be incredibly cheap, but at the end of the day they?ll just end up at the back of a drawer.

Do you have any casino party planning ideas to share? Let us know.

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