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You Can Learn to Play Cello Online!

Written by Entertainment Today on February 12th, 2014. Posted in Cello video lessons, Learn cello online, Learning to play cello

Cello lessons los angeles

While today’s entertainment news focuses on EDM and hip-hop, the internet has been a boon to aspiring musicians and people who have always dreamed of playing a musical instrument. Today it is easy to find online music lessons for just about any kind of instrument in existence. Whether you are interesting in learning cello, piano, guitar, trumpet, harmonica, or recorder, there are plenty of online music lessons for your instrument and skill level.

Even though there are many excellent website and video lessons available online, live online music lessons are probably the most productive. If you are really serious about learning how to play the cello online, the best Continue Reading No Comments

Put Your Toddler in a Dance Class!

Written by Entertainment Today on February 7th, 2014. Posted in Dance classes in phoenix, Dance lessons arizona, Dance lessons for children

Dance studios in phoenix az

Children love to be active. From the moment they can crawl and walk, they are off to the races, leaving you chasing behind them. They love to explore, climb, jump, and dance around to music. If this sounds like your toddler, it might be worth it look into toddler dance classes in Phoenix, within the city and also in the suburbs.

There are many studios that offer dance classes for children, such as hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet. Through dance, children are able to release energy, stay active, and maintain a healthy weight throughout their childhood. Some dance classes, such as ballet, can also be extremely helpful in developing important motor skills. Ballet promotes flexibi

Three Ways to Answer Pageant Questions In a Way That Will Win

Written by Entertainment Today on February 6th, 2014. Posted in Pageant for teenagers, Pageant interviews, Tips for pageant interviews

Pageant rules

For most contestants, the interview portion of a beauty pageant is often the hardest. You never know what questions might get thrown at your, so you can never have a properly rehearsed response. There’s always an element of uncertainty present.

However, most judges will ask similar questions to ones they’ve asked in the past, or questions in the same vein. Just because it’s worded exactly the same doesn’t mean it’s not essentially the same question. This makes it possible to practice pageant interview questions and answers, so that answers aren’t completely off the cuff.

To help you prepare some pageant interview questions and answers, here’s a list of some of the most popular, tricky things that judges will ask.

1. Any Current Event.